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When the Shark Stops Swimming…


There are some sharks that can rest because they do not need constant motion to get oxygen out of the water for their survival. Most sharks however, need to keep swimming. For them, the story goes: when the shark stops swimming, they die! (There are some caves in the Caribbean that have a current that allows the shark to rest and let the current bring the oxygen rich waters flowing over their gills.)

Since I live here in Colorado, the following statement hit home for me when the lottery was really big: There is a better chance of being attacked by a shark while walking down Colfax Avenue in Denver than winning the lottery!

It never occurred to me the number of Sharks in Denver, Colorado until I sat down and thought about writing this post. I’m talking about the Sharks in our money system. One of the biggest is the Loan Sharks (Payday Loans is legal!)



Just as when the sharks stops swimming, they die, you have to keep your money moving as well or it dies. There is a lot of speculation in the markets today and you will have to choose your method of operations. for some people, they tend to move money too fast and others, too slow. Some people park their money and hope for a miracle.

For the serious entrepreneur, it is about movement of funds at just the right time. (This is something that is a learned art and no one is immune to making mistakes!) Where it comes to handling this movement of money, there are 2 factors to be mindful of.

  2. COSTS

These are the very reasons our Global Economy is moving towards Virtual Currencies.



Due to a death in the family, I had to go away. Although I had my computer with me, the changes overwhelmed me. Now that the shock has set in, I talk to others about my business with ease. (I can’t state they understand at ease!)

The evolution of our business was NOT overnight! I just stated it as such because of my situation. These changes have been “painstakingly” being made by the Administration and Staff of Compumatrix over a considerable time. We are now being “awakened” to the changes within our business and soon around the World!

Are you ready to swim with Dolphins or would you prefer to continue to swim with the Sharks?



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