12 Tips for writing a better comment

Rich here; I just put together some things to remember when you are writing a comment. This list is by no means complete or in any particular order:

  • Actually read the article:

I know this sounds obvious, but if you are going to comment intelligently, you need to know what is covered in the article, audio, or video.

  • Do not just respond to the headline:

Your comment should be relevant to and in reference to the content of the blog.

  • Take a quick look over the other comments:

This not only can be quite interesting but can give you some additional ideas for your comment. Plus you may find a comment you want to comment on. HOWEVER, do NOT copy any comment and post it as your own!!

  • Space it out into paragraphs:

Most people do not like to read large blocks of text. So if your comment is at all lengthy, put a little space in it. You will increase your odds of it being read by so doing. (Remember this is just a comment, NOT a blog! So keep the comments at around 50 words!!)

  • Keep sarcasm to a minimum: 

People can and do quite often take your sarcasm the wrong way. So if you are going to use it at all, make it very obvious that it is sarcasm. 

  • Do not shout:

This of course is referring to the over use Of Caps. No one I know of enjoys being yelled at, so do not do it.   

  • Use acronyms and abbreviations very sparingly:

You need to keep in mind that acronyms quite often can be confusing to people. If the community you are in is international, acronyms and abbreviations can be misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted.

  • Your opinions:

Always make it clear when you are stating your opinion. Do not argue or complain when someone has a different point of view than you, instead explain your point of view and state why you disagree with them (without making them wrong or being judgmental)

  • Contribute to the post:

You should whenever possible add something to the overall value of the article.

  • Compliment the writer:

Everyone likes to be complimented, sincerity is key-find something to give honest and sincere praise to (in the post or about the author).

  • Greeting:

Your greeting should be friendly and include the writer’s name.

  • Your avatar:

In my humble opinion a real picture of you is best. Believe a real picture makes you more real to the writer and other commenters and is more likely to lead to more of a connection.

I sincerely hope my pointers are of some help in your commenting adventure and journey. The great thing about this Compumatrix blog is there is an abundance of topics (the Compumatrix business itself, business in general, cryptocurrency and more), that are not only informative but they are interesting and fun. You are either growing or decaying, may I suggest reading and learning, (and of course commenting).

 I will close with this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson-“You are what you think all day long.” I therefor say let each and every one of us keep our thoughts on the pure, the positive, the harmonious and the best for all our fellow men and women!

About the author

Rich grew up in a small town in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. His main occupation has been as a tile contractor, things he has done in addition, around and sometimes full time throughout the years also include: 4 years the United States Marine Corps, made a good part time and then full time income in the Network Marketing industry and several other adventures and misadventures in the business arena.


  1. Well, thank you Richard. Posting replies to blogs for me is sometimes very difficult . Your tips and hints are very usefull .. Yes I very much like to read all the posts and replies to the posts. here in the Compumatrix blogging area.
    I try to post and be carefull I follow the subject and yes , I read the bloggers info. I learn from them and all are very interesting.

  2. The tips are valuable, really commenting on blogs can seem complicated, especially when the subject is very specific and you do not master it. On the other hand, the forums always add a lot of information to us, since the exchange of ideas is very enriching and most of them solve several problems or even give us a wealth of details.

  3. Rich ,thank you very much for the pointers regards posting comments.the are useful tips and suggest that we be courteous to the writer and comment to the points regards the topic at hand.suggestion regards avoiding criticism and disagreement will further make our comments more appropriate and appreciatedAy addition to the main blog that may carry some useful meaning is also recommended

  4. Wonderful info on how to comment. Many times I think of some words for a comment
    but, never enough words. I usually go blank when starting to write. With this info should
    help with making comments much easier and make them long enough…

  5. very much appreciation for the effort and time put into this posting — taking time to read the blog and actually put in perspective the impact each blog actually has on each person is actually fun to put in a thought process and very much personally do appreciate your service in the Corps–

  6. Thank you Richard Graves, All these points will be very useful for writing comments,I try to read the whole blog,I try to write comments keeping in mind the subject of the blog, it gives a lot of information and also gives an idea of the mind of the blog writer,whenever anyone writes a blog, it shows his/her hard work, so always I try to  write introductory words in  comment,encouraged, because we  have learned so much from every blog,writing blog shows a very capable mind and you are one of them.Thank you sharing very great information.

  7. Rish, thanks so much for addressing the obvious Elephant in the room, and a job well done! I especially like two points: long readings (most shy away from those, for I do, and I do research) but spacing does improve longer readings that make a point and don’t just jump around. And second, actually reading someone’s post is obvious in what you write, for if it truly has an action in your mind (in other words it means something) then the meaning will be transferred in your own words as you perceive it, and perception is what a writer tries to reach. Thanks once again Rich!!

  8. You see I made a mistake for not proofreading before I hit “Leave a Reply” I started off with a mistake most minds would just read right through: I spelled Rich’s name wrong and for that I apologize; but it also makes a good point!

  9. Excellent tips, Rich. We all need a reminder of those even though we think we know already! That doesn’t necessarily mean we are following them 🙂 The tip about using acronyms and abbreviations sparingly, I so agree with! These days now, there are so many abbreviations that it is extremely difficult to remember them all. Even if we use the full name of what we are speaking about with the initials in brackets the first time we speak of the term, and then use the abbreviations if referring to this later, this reminder helps us lock in the meaning.

  10. Some very good points Rich. Thanks for sharing them. Also reinforcing the guidelines for replies to all blogs. I know some of mine have been short, where others have been much too lengthy.

    To state first off – READ the article.. Super funny, but so to the point. Too many people these days try to get all the information from headlines, when all the headline does is be click bait and the article only be generally about what the headline says. Funny to hear people talk about articles that you have read and they didn’t. Hilarious actually.. Because you know, almost immediately they didn’t. 🙂

  11. Nice going Richard ,I am a one, maybe two finger poster at times . So it does takes me a long time to post a reply to blogs .The tips you gave in your blog are helpful to me. I do read the post before I reply to them to get the drift of what is being talked about. Never the less all the tips you talked about ..Thank you.

  12. Thank you, Rich, for this informative and instructional blog. I think that many of us, at one time or another don’t give credit to another’s ideas and time spent researching and writing blogs.
    As I read a blog I realize that it often speaks to some part of me, and thus, encourages me to reply accordingly. Thanks for the refresher!

  13. Rich you covered a very important topic. I loved the way you put them down step by step which should be very easy to follow. I always read the blog at least once to get an idea about what the writer is trying to convey and then read the comments which give me an idea about how to comment on the blog Thanks

  14. Rich, good information. Some blogs are easier to comment on because of our understanding of the subject. I appreciate all the blogs, even the ones I have no knowledge of the subject matter. LearnIng is generated by reading those blogs though I may need to read several times before my mind takes hold and I can say aha. As for commenting I (be it insecurity) I do not read other comments before I write mine, I am afraid I will not write one as well as the others. I do enjoy our blog site, all the bloggers and the comments. Compumatrix has opened many doors for us.

  15. Well done Rich some excellent information for those who have a few problems expressing themselves. I always believe in keeping it simple and to the point. There is no need to exaggerate or use big words. All long as it is readable and people can understand what you are saying that is sufficient.

  16. Rich, Thank you for this blog. I have always wondered if I could even begin to write a blog, much less even leave a reply. I feel that your blog has alot of good information. I like the way you wrote out each step. Makes it easy to read and understand. I did enjoy the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson-“You are what you think all day long.”

  17. Thank you Richard for guiding and helping us to write proper comments in the Blog articles. It is really very important to read and know what the blog article actually relates to before we can properly comment on it. I am still in the process of learning not only on how to write proper comments,but am also learning how to write Blog articles,so it can get approved and published.

  18. Thanks for the helpful article Richard. Most everyone needs to be refreshed on at least some of the points you make in your writings. The one about actually ready the article before commenting is a very good one.I for one have found the blogs here to be very enlightening and entertaining to ready. Please continue to produce articles for those of us that have trouble writing a complete blog post.

  19. Thank you, Richard, for posting a practical guide in this blog space. My favorite piece of advice you gave us is to read the article first! It made me smile. By using “read” I’m thinking you mean slowly, carefully read – not scan. Sometimes we’re in so much of a hurry we short ourselves and others when we merely scan (whether reading or listening).

    Another good point you made is breaking thoughts into paragraphs. When my comments are uploaded here they end up as one unbroken paragraph. If you have any advice on how to get around this, please share in a future blog. Thank you.

  20. Thank you, Rich. This was very informative and to the point. I especially appreciate the fact that you took your own advice and divided your work into easy-to-read paragraphs. I was looking for ways to post quality content on the site, and your topic instantly caught my attention. I love to write, and the compumatrix blog site has given me the opportunity to practice. I will follow your advice.

  21. Very well written and informative Richard. This can be used for a great outline by many as a guide to responding or even writing blogs. I know I will reference it from time to time for a refresher so to speak. Thanks again for a well written instruction manual. Blessed

  22. Fantastic advice! I have often wondered where to start with the blogs. You have given me the confidence to have a go as it is simplified to the basic ideas on what to concentrate on. It makes it so much easier to read a blog when you highlight the main ideas like you did with dot points.

  23. Thanks for sharing your point of view here, something i would guess most of as can use when we are not sure what to reply. Yes it’s not always easy, since not too many are born with the privilege of being natural writers , at least I admit that for myself. I guess we all lean something new every day.

  24. Thank you for your blog Richard. It has some good advice that I can use to write better answers. To write blogposts is already something that requires some skills and that certainly also applies to the answers. But above all you need good writing skills and that I cannot learn from tips and advice.

  25. An excellent summarization of how to be a good commenter on Compumatrix blogs, thank you. Attention to detail like this serves us all well, whether we are commenting on blogs or performing steps in our business. I do naturally try to follow all these steps anyway, though can’t always fit it in to a single comment. Gail has reminded me in the past not to make these comments too long! Keep them under 100 words, if I remember correctly.

  26. Thanks, Rich….this is a very helpful article. I realize that I may have gotten myself into somewhat of a pattern that could make me guilty of some of the things you mention that we should not do. Your suggestions give a great foundation of rules to follow so that what we are doing here is productive for all of us. I never dreamed that I could actually learn something on the subject of properly presenting yourself on something you disagree with, but doing so in the proper manner. I guess there is a “correct” way of doing everything. Or would that be an “incorrect” way of doing everything?

  27. Pretty funny topic actually 🙂
    I’ve never been any good in writing comments..Maybe that’s why I don’t write many.
    I’m one of those who find it difficult to come up with new and interesting comments, even though I find the topic and the blog exciting!
    Hopefully I’ll be a little bit better at it after reading your blog 😉

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