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Money-for-BlogWhile most bloggers have to monetize their blogs by attracting illusive subscribers to sign-up on their blogs; or thousands of page views to be made just to earn a few bucks; or even monetizing their blogs by becoming a publisher, wishing that one of these days, a subscriber or an avid reader would visit their website and eventually click on their sponsors; Well all these may be wishful thinking. After all the investments you make on your blog, you end up giving up because you can’t maintain it and it’s just becoming more of a burden rather than an income source. If your goal in blogging includes earning online, then buying your own domain, hosting and other stuff would require capital. If you are only passionate about blogging or writing or you just want to have your two cents posted on the internet, then you better use Blogger, Blogspot, or Tumblr.

Now, if you really want to earn in blogging, then it is best for you to blog where reading blogs are actually required and user-engagement is highly recommended. One thing more, you earn $10 worth of virtual currency for every post which you can redeem for cash by following their monetization strategy.

That is, an incentive-based social media platform which rewards you its virtual currency for every content you have to contribute.


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