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Chase is just a Preview of Things to Come

chasebank2Just recently, Chase Bank has limited depositors on cash withdrawals and has banned international wire transfers. This has been confirmed by local Chase Bank and reasoned out that this move was setup to protect the interests of their depositors and prevent them from the risks of doing business. We appreciate your concern but that’s the point, the reason why businesses are surviving is because we do understand the risks and have already planned ahead of time.

However, limiting our access as a business to $50,000 per month is not your decision but ours. How about our global sales representatives stationed in various parts of the world?

Chase is just a start since they did mention that this is being implemented in compliance to regulations from the top, meaning the government. All major banks will follow suit eventually.

This makes virtual money and currencies as a prospect for protecting one’s cash. It would be best for people to take control on how they spend cash by placing it on a safe haven like bitcoin, compumatrix currency, linden dollars or other alternative forms of currency does not limit ones spending power.

It is very apparent that the raising of the debt ceiling found it’s way to limit what ordinary Americans spend.

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