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To Speak or to Remain Silent

To Speak or to Remain Silent

This may not be the most apparent title for a blog post about earning an income online. However, there comes a time when one must step up their action although this does not necessarily mean to speak out!

This morning, as I usually do, I opened the paper and pulled out the comic strip. (I always start my day with a series of laughs. This sets the mood of the day.) Next to the comics is the Horoscope column. My horoscope cautioned me with what I should be saying (or should I say: how I say things). With this in mind and my dose of laughter under my belt, I merrily entered into my day.

I thought carefully about the phone calls I needed to make today and to be sure not to offend anyone. Of course, you can offend someone by remaining silent as well so you need to know when to SPEAK UP and when to REMAIN SILENT!

I am not usually short on words or topics of conversation. You can verify this with my family as my daughter was trying to describe someone I knew today. She commented: “I don’t know how long you knew this person as you meet new people every day!” She was referring to the fact that I am always conversing with people when I am out in public even if I do not know them.

Getting back on course here (as I tend to ramble), we are still talking about earning an income online (at home). When we are talking about earning an income online, we are in a sense talking about SELLING!

I know that is a terrible thing to bring up but the World of Commerce operates by selling something to someone else that is buying the product or service. In the process, we must converse with a prospect (by phone, email or in person) and in doing so, it is important to know when To Speak or to Remain Silent.


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