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The Best Online Marketing Strategies

The Best Online Marketing Strategies

They may not be saying it this way but never the less, here are the words behind the message:

What ever I’m selling is the ultimate best online marketing strategy!

Well, today I am NOT going to hit you with that line. The other day, I was on a conference call and the host made this statement: All of these online marketing strategies work. You just have to remain committed to the strategy until you hit a certain momentum.”

So, with this said, what is important? I will give you a hint. Give everything a try that you can afford (even free has its price) until you find 2-3 methods that resonates with you. Your commitment has to be 3-4 months of following the strategy at a reasonable level until your efforts are falling into place.

Of course, you can run out and buy the latest software that will put you out in front of the crowd for $39.99. (and if you don’t like the price, click to close the page and there will be a pop-up asking you to stay on the page for a special price of only $29.99, then $19.99). After you have bought enough of these, you will be happy to go back the simple ones that you just have to do everyday.

Take for example this blog. Today, my special: I’m really not promoting anything. I’m simply putting some thoughts down in words! So, here is the question:

What are: The Best Online Marketing Strategies

Here is one of them: Blogging. We could be talking about:
niche marketing
email marketing
article marketing
video marketing
social media marketing
press releases

We can go on and include a list that isn’t even talked about anymore. The point is to find something you are comfortable with and stick it out for at least 3 months.

Sometimes, it takes finding someone that has experience in an online marketing strategy that you aqre interested in and follow what they do. Make them your mentor.


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