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Getting Found in the Virtual World

Getting Found in the Virtual World

Years ago before I even heard of the Internet, I had a job working at a Boy’s Ranch for Emotionally Disturbed Boys. When everything was done and the boys (and staff) had some free time, we might settle in and watch a movie. We were so far removed in the country that we couldn’t watch regular TV and I was so glad for that. One movie I distinctly remembered all those year was the movie: TRON.

They have done a remake of this movie now but it originally came out about 1986-88. It was about these guys getting caught inside a video game. (Very interesting!)

I won’t go into more detail because that is really not what I want to write about today. I just want to use this as a lead in for getting into the Virtual World. Just as you can get into the Virtual World, you can get lost in the Virtual World.

The point is in: Getting Found in the Virtual World

I previously wrote a post (Building Business Partnerships) and in this post, the discussion was on building relationships. If you find a process and work that process of developing these relationships, what you will find is you are creating a formula for: Getting Found in the Virtual World

The last thing you want to do (and what most people do) is to buy into the idea that there are millions of people on the Internet everyday and all you have to do and throw together a website and sit back waiting for your customer orders to come in! This is what I refer to as : Getting LOST in the Virtual World.

If you do not readily understand this, think about a topic (any topic) and go to Google and do a search. Now, take a look at how many websites have that search result on it. (I just typed in the word: horizon and here are the results: About 97,300,000 results (0.45 seconds) . If you were using horizon as a keyword for something you were selling, when will someone find you website? If you are not in the first 10 search results (out of over 97 MILLION), you are: LOST in the Virtual World

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