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How to Finance Your Virtual Goods

How to Finance Your Virtual Goods

We live in 2 worlds and we have always lived in 2 worlds. The first World is our physical world. You touch it, you see it and you can taste it. It’s the World we have come to take for granted. Our Second World is the World we can not feel, see, taste or hear. This World is our Virtual World.

In our Virtual World, we have our Virtual Economy. This brings up the aspects for our economy of: How to Finance Your Virtual Goods

Two words come to mind
1. Compumatrix
2. Compuceeds

We will get back to this but first, we need to cover one particular subject. That subject is What are Virtual Goods? One way of thinking about Virtual Goods is products that are delivered to the customer “digitally”. Or Electronic products is another description to keep in mind. These are products that are bought and sold over the Internet with the click of a mouse and an “electronic payment”.

Now, I mentioned “electronic payments” and this is important to realize this form of payment has been with us for quite some time. However, there is a new form of Electronic Payment that is in production even as you are reading this. This is what we will be discussing with the introduction of COMPUCEEDS!

Just one note about Compumatrix. Compumatrix is the company that produces Compuceeds. With that said, Compumatrix brings to the table a whole new way for you to learn:

How to Finance Your Virtual Goods

Compuceeds is a Virtual Currency and a lot more. It is a product that allows you to be in control of your Finances in a fashion that you could only have previously in a dream. It is more than a currency by matter of the ideal that you can become a member of Compumatrix and become a part of the system that the currency is derived from.

We have always had “Electronic Money” but now we have a true Digital Currency that has a solid foundation.

Compuceeds by Compumatrix


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