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When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough

When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough

We just witnessed some brilliant competition with the Winter Olympics. In the midst of the competition, some of the favored to win the Gold Medal did not even finish near the top. Why is it with some of these athletes, their BEST wasn’t good enough? Why did the sports analogous miss in their decisions of who would take the Gold for specified events? Why is it: When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough

All those years of grueling training for a moment of glory that takes maybe 2-3 minutes to accomplish and it all comes down to that final 2-3 minutes. For many of these competitors, they can now get on with what they do after the Olympics. For some, they get to start over and train for the next 4 years and compete one more time. Some of them will come back only for that last time to find out they can not do it anymore even at this event and letting their country down (as we saw with the Russian skater).

What do you do: When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough

Let’s move on to our Online Business. How many times have you poured everything you had into earning money online? Has it worked for you? Or, are you starting over? Just like the Olympic Competitor, they are starting over. For them, winning the Gold or not, they will start the process again for that Goal of Gold 4 years out. For the Entrepreneur (or netpreneur), everyday is a new start. You never hit that point in your career of: When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough

The Entrepreneur moves forward every day. You are either moving forward or moving backward. There is no Standing Still on the Internet. Each day, you treat as a new beginning and something to look forward to . You drive yourself (or your business dies). At the end of the year, you fill out your tax forms and it is a good thing if you owe taxes. If you owe taxes, that means you made money in your business!

When you hit the wall and you realize, you are up against failure, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you go out and do it again. There is no value in living this statement:

When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough



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