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The importance of making life changing decisions

How many times have you said to yourself “I made the wrong decision”? Life has the habit of putting us in situations where we must decide one way or the other.

If you are the least like me you have been spending several hours, the last 15-20 years, in front of a computer screen. Found many “opportunities” to join this, or register for that, to get a better economy, to grow money for your pension, to grow money to pay off your bills etc. Then when your computer screen finally showed a satisfying amount – the program, the opportunity, or the payment option got hit, and was gone…

So it’s correct to say “I made the wrong decision”!

You ask – why did you repeat such a bad decision more than once?
Well, because every time I thought this one is better. With this one I can check their reputation. I can go to forums, and check what others are saying. I can look them up somewhere to see that they are doing what they say they are doing etc. Yet there was something that I overlooked, and the opportunity was gone, my hard earned money was gone.

So one day I told myself. Enough is enough!
I started to work, in my spare time, after getting home from my daily ordinary job.  I worked for clients who needed translations done. I thought – it’s better to do some real work and save the dollars earned for my pension.

Did I get rich on it? No – certainly not!
When I got paid, the system offering the job charged me for using the system. The payment processor charged me for using them to withdraw what was remaining. When I finally got the cash to my bank account, I had gotten about fifty percent of the agreed amount for my job done.

Somewhere in that situation I got invited to participate in a program with the name PointShareGold.
I read the invitation, I checked the program, I saw that it was located in the Philippines, and turned it down. I was still stuck in my negative experiences from “programs” on Internet.

I continued to do translations, although more and more frustrated about losing so much from what I had worked hard for.

I got another invitation, from a person I considered an internet friend. This person told me that within weeks I’d have doubled my money in the program. So I fell, I paid for a start in this program.
To my utter surprise I got paid, so I paid for a higher position, and after three weeks I got paid again!
I was very happy and grateful to the person who had invited me, although somewhere deep inside I just waited for the message that the program was closed down.

Of course that happened! Once again I blamed myself for making the wrong decision.


The original program was reconstructed into a new one, the new one was reconstructed again, and somewhere in springtime year 2006, I got a message. This program was not dead.
It was reorganized into a completely different program! Its name was Compumatrix! I was told to re-register, which I did, and much to my surprise the original small amount of money I had put in had grown to an amazing amount.

Today – several years later – it is actually a large corporation, with several departments.

To offer jobs for the unemployed, to offer a home based business to people who are entrepreneurs, to offer a valid product for people to buy, to start their own road to success.


Where I would have grumbled about greedy program owners, I can now honestly say that the founder of this Company has devoted his life to improving the lives of other people, worldwide.  He is a professor and a genius, but nevertheless he does not boast of himself, and he does not enrich himself, he applauds other participant’s success, and he is pushing for others to succeed.


I have almost stopped my translation business, in favor of working my online, home based business with Compumatrix.  I can work and earn without losing a large amount of cash in charged fees. With the outstanding sums the founder amassed using my and others’ small starting capital, I can now concentrate on building for my future, my heirs future, the future generations future, and still earn enough for my daily living.


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