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The Solo-Preneur and Online Businesses

The Solo-Preneur and Online Businesses

Now that I picked up the cat and put her in the basement so she would leave the dog alone, I can sit down and write this blog! The problems associated working from home is there are a lot of distractions. First, your family walks all over your business because they really do not know you are working. Then there is the DISCIPLINE!

Online Businesses can be operated from just about anywhere. Not only limited to working from home, you can take your lap top to the local coffee shop or your nearby National Park. Anywhere you can get an Internet connection, you can operate your business. I once knew one marketer that did a lot of his business by using conference calls. He would schedule calls then stop what he was doing to make his calls. He made some of his calls from the side of a mountain while down hill skiing!

Right now, I’m listening to a recorded radio call and writing this blog (after I put the cat downstairs). For the Solo-preneur, not only working your business is important but you have to develop good management skills as well. One of the people that I follow (hint) has a list of marketing strategies that someone could use to market your products or services with. His list goes on and on. While on a conference call, the presenter made a statement that “any marketing strategy would work”. When you are trying to decide what you want to use, you have to find something that you feel comfortable with and stick with it until you have it working for you. There is a learning curve for any strategy and when you tackle it, you can now move into another strategy.

Marketing is only a part of running your business. You have other management decision that you have to make on a continuous basis. Study your business, your marketing and your people management and stay on top of your business.

Many Solo-preneurs organize their businesses by scheduling their time. Sometimes you have to have your “home office” dedicated space (maybe a corner of a room) and there has to be rules around your office space and time. Some marketers have a “house rule” that is: if the door is closed, I am working and do not disturb unless life or death and Emergency Services are NOT available!

One of the marketers I follow makes a statement: “I don’t know a marketer that is worth his salt that is not involved in multiple businesses”. Let me offer you another article: How to Finance Your Virtual Goods

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