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The Rising Star in the Digital Marketing World

The Rising Star in the Digital Marketing World

Once Upon a Time, people used to look to the stars. They would use the stars for guidance in everything they did, believed and based their life decisions on. Today, we don’t even know the existence of the knowledge gained from the study of the stars.

Today, our world is Digital. Just about everything we do has some basis of relation back to the computer. Recently, we adopted some horses. We found them on a website. The farmer I buy hay from asked, “have you checked my website?” (Do you know hay is cheaper after you run it thru the horse? I bet I could get it sold if I had a website!)

When I first started Marketing businesses, I used to mail post cards and sales letters to a list of names I bought. Now, we have Digital Marketing. It is a whole new world! It’s a world inside your computer or a VIRTUAL WORLD.

Before the Internet, the advertising and marketing environment was centered on the physical form. You could advertise in Newspapers, trade publications, by mail, flyers, door hangers, and etc. Today, we still have all of that although it is less effective. BUT, in addition to that, we have a very long list of Digital Marketing strategies. (but that’s not what I am talking about!)


What I want to talk to you about is a rising star in the Digital Marketing World. That star is Compumatrix. Digital Marketing a portion of what Compumatrix does. As a matter of fact, the Digital Marketing is not what make this company a rising star. It is the leadership from this moment forward that will determine the status of the rising star. 

You will want to know more about this company and why it will be a beacon for all businesses (on and off the Internet).


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