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Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

What is a blog worth? Sometimes it’s a matter of your time and do you really have the time to sit in front of a computer writing blogs? I like reading information and sharing some of that information. I also enjoy the freedom to express myself. I guess I like to talk and blogging is also a way to be creative.

I have several blogs out there and some of them, I haven’t been in contact with. One time, I did a search because I “lost” one of my blogs. LOL! To my surprise, I also found another one. I couldn’t do anything with it because I lost my log in information and since it had been so long, there was no way it was on my current computer!

I tell you this as a reminder that just because you forgot what you wrote, it can still be out there floating thru cyber space. (like space junk) I see a lot of negative things written on Face Book accounts and these rantings have a way of surfacing at most in opportunistic timing (like job interviews).

So, what is so important about blogging? When I first looked into blogging, I was looking for online work. I didn’t know any better so I was just looking for a job. You know: I write something and someone pays me! Just before I started blogging, I had just “worked” online writing articles for pay. So, I saw this blogging thing as an extension of this concept. However, at this point, I was moving forward and had heard about Online Businesses.

Now, my article writing was taking on a different meaning. I was moving into blogging as a means of marketing my online business. As I moved into this realm, I began to learn Digital Marketing. To simplify, it just means marketing online! Digital Marketing is online marketing (electronic, computer, etc)

Now, I get to share some information about online businesses, online marketing or just fun!

You might be interested in starting some online work for yourself. Take the next step and inquire about what we do to assist people online:


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