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They Remained Eye to Eye, But Who Blinked

They Remained Eye to Eye, But Who Blinked

After 87 years of Being Eye to Eye, Coke blinks! In 1987, this was (in my opinion) the most powerful message on the Corporate competition level of business in the World. Coke, changes its formula!

In 1987, I was thinking differently about business. I was beginning the journey of thirsting for knowledge and how I would put my foot in the door. Although I was not interested in “Big Business”, I was well aware of how the Corporate Giants framed our world. This battle between Coke and Pepsi would not end here but Coke “choked” and they let Pepsi grab some ground.

During 1987, I was working for a rather small corporation. (more on this later) A few years before, I finished working as a Government employee. I had enough of Government organizations where people made a name for themselves by how many people they could get under their boot! I vowed never to go back to Government work again.

While working for a small corporation, I realized if I went back to school for more education, then…. NOT!

I wasn’t going down that path and there were no guarantees. You could get the education but without the “correct” connections, you may not get the job you were after. (After all, that is why I left Government work. I guess I didn’t kiss up.)

I always kept my eyes open for the possibilities to make extra money. Over the years, I did a lot of physical work for extra money. Once I was online, the possibilities were endless.

Although the possibilities were endless, they often required “getting others involved”. The failure rate in these “things” were tremendous. There were probably as many of these things as there were people looking for them! For this to really work, you had to learn new skills. One of them is: Building Business Partnerships.

I guess I fooled myself as long as I could. After all, who was I to say: “if I have to sell, I’m not interested”. Everything that you can see if you just look around you right now was bought and sold! So many people want to shy away from sales but in reality, sales is a part of life. Those that embrace it move forward at an amazing pace relative to those that shy away!

Since the world revolves around sales, you might be interested in what moves sales: Money. Take some time today and check out the company that will change the face of Money.




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