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One Degree for Digital Marketing

I came in this morning thinking about how cold it was. When I went out earlier, I didn’t think it was that cold. I thought it was about 28 degrees. I checked the temperature and it was actually 21 degrees. After I knew the real temperature, I felt the cold. Only 7 degrees and my mind shifted to being cold when I wasn’t before I realized it! WOW!

As I thought about this concept of mind control (controlling how I felt: cold), I reflected on the idea of “One Degree”. I know you have heard the story.

At 211 degrees, water remains in liquid form. Add just one degree and the water will boil away into gas form!

Isn’t this the same for Digital Marketing?

In the article (Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question), I expressed a revelation:

Now, my article writing was taking on a different meaning. I was moving into blogging as a means of marketing my online business. As I moved into this realm, I began to learn Digital Marketing. To simplify, it just means marketing online! Digital Marketing is online marketing (electronic, computer, etc)

We explored Digital Marketing and online businesses but how does this relate back to “ONE DEGREE”? I have been on several conference calls on marketing and the presenter had one similar message that ran like a thread thru all of their presentations. That “Thread” was stick with it!

When you think about “one degree” as related to water, does the heat not stick with it just a little bit longer until it reaches the boiling point and the water turns to vapor? This is where you draw that thread of similarity. With Digital Marketing, most successful marketers will tell you to stick with a marketing strategy for at least 3-4 months. The first month, you may see nothing. The second month, you may see a little more than nothing. By the third month, you might be seeing something from all your efforts and you have arrived!



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