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Other People Will Help You Get Rich

Other People Will Help You Get Rich

Someone is going to get rich! Either you will help that “someone” get rich or someone will help you get rich. You want a third option? How about this:
By helping someone to get rich, you can get rich in the process!

There is now a new way to look at money. DIGITAL CURRENCY

Digital Currencyis a new means of accounting for money. It is electronic but it is so much more than this. In the future, it will be a form of currency that is backed by real value. (Our current “fiat” money has lost it’s attachment to real value thru fractionalization.)

From a previous post (The Road to Riches, Paved With Compuceeds), it was written an important factor that we should keep in front of our mind:
As an Internet Marketer, what is far most on your mind? answer: earning an income online! We do not need to elaborate on this further than to point out that earning money online is reserved for the top 2% (not anymore). Compuceed is not only a Digital Currency but it is also a means to earning an income online.

Why is it not reserved for the top 2% anymore? After all, isn’t this a general statistic that seems to follow in all industry? It’s similar to the 20/80 rule. (20% of people do 80% of the work)

These statistics are based on history. However, we are writing history every day. We do not have to repeat history if we really do not like the story line.

The reason I am writing this blog is because Compumatrix has a product that is a Digital Currency. The product is Compuceeds. Even more important than what the product is would be what the company is doing! Compumatrix is providing a means of a sustainable online income by means of providing online work.  Through these efforts, we should be able to change the statistic data from previous history and watch others enjoy opportunities that have no been available to them before.

Learn more: Compuceeds by Compumatrix


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