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Using Compuceeds to Create Business

I had a thought that was a Great Idea for a blog topic. Unfortunately, I lost it!

So, instead we are going to talk about the same thing we always talk about when we get together.

The reason this idea is on my mind is because when I lost the idea (Great Idea) for this blog, I started reading other authors’ posts, blogs and articles (hint, hint) I came across an article of Henry James Banayat (Online Entrepreneurship) Another hint: If you are planning to be in business, read this article!

Onward with my thoughts! My question to you (hopefully you read this article) is are you seeking online work or seeking an online business?

If you are seeking an online business, then read on. If you are seeking online work, then also read on! You thought I would tell you to stop reading but not after you become aware of a company called Compumatrix.

Now, you need to know what Compuceeds are all about. Again, I need to direct you to another article (The Road to Riches, Paved With Compuceeds) This one you do not need to read right away but it will help you to understand what Compuceeds are.

Reading that article and understanding Compumatrix will allow you the benefit of possibilities (not yet) thought of regarding seeking an online business. This will take us to: Using Compuceeds to Create Businesses.

As you would have ascertained by this point, Compuceeds is a form of  Virtual Currency (or Digital Currency). Compumatrix is the company that produces the currency as a product. This would allow you the flexibility of online work or creating an online business.

Within the aspect of creating businesses, we have the component of “being in business” by joining an existing business. If you are joining as a Distributor, Affiliate, etc, then you are actually in a format of owning your own business.

Just for clarity as it relates to this post, the above mentioned idea is great, fantastic or plain fine. However, what I wish to explore and hopefully you as well is the possibility of creating your own business (independent).

When you are ready for this idea, take Using Compuceeds to Create Businesses to a whole new level!



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