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Brain Dump Then Reboot Your Online Business

Brain Dump Then Reboot Your Online Business

I learned the concept of doing a Brain Dump while on a webinar training course. When you are feeling overwhelmed and you have too much on your mind, it is time to do a Brain Dump!

A Brain Dump is simply grabbing a pen and paper and writing everything down that is on your mind. This allows you to let these things go so you are free to concentrate on what is important at the moment. After this point, you would be able to move forward again with the tasks you need to “use your mind for”.

I want your to visualize opening the top of your head, leaning sideways and dumping all that garbage out. The you refill your mind with the good stuff you need in there.

That “Good Stuff” is what you are working on for your online business. By using this process, you are Rebooting Your Online Business. What does this look like?

Example: Blog Post: When All You’ve Got, Just Isn’t Enough Here is a quote from this post:
“The Entrepreneur moves forward every day. You are either moving forward or moving backward. There is no Standing Still on the Internet. Each day, you treat as a new beginning and something to look forward to . You drive yourself (or your business dies).”

Let’s not confuse our Virtual World with our Physical World. When it comes to business, you will have to give it all you’ve got at some point or it will die! When you are “stuck”, and you do not feel you are going anywhere, it is time to do a: Brain Dump Then Reboot Your Online Business

You may be familiar with the Offline World of business and you are here wondering around trying “to find yourself” in this virtual world. It really doesn’t matter, you still have to learn how to negotiate a plan of action and work within those parameters.




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