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If We Were Rational….

If We Were Rational….there would be no innovation

In his book, Simon refers to this as a product of Innovation. If we always made “rational” decisions, we would not be able to be creative and innovative. Innovative basically means new. New ideas, concepts and methods of doing things or thinking about them. You can not be rational and innovative at the same time. Rational thinking means thinking based on previously conceived ideas and concepts.

Now that you know how I am approaching the idea of Innovation, let me disturb your peaceful coexistence with your mundane world. Everyone (at least many) is so concerned with the loss of jobs we have experienced over the last several decades. The jobs that replaced (some) of them are not the same ones that were lost. As a matter of fact, most of them did not exist 20 years ago!

This is innovation at work slowly evolving our world. Like the words: “cause we are living in a material world” (Madonna- Material World), we get caught up in our world.

Innovation has allowed for a shift and now, we are living in a Virtual World. The Internet has allowed us to shift so we can purchase Virtual Goods and Services and pay for them with Virtual Currency (or digital currency) as a part of our Virtual World.

If we were Rational Thinkers, …. (you can finish this where you want to get off the train) If all of our decisions were made based only on rational thinking, we would not permit ourselves to own a computer much less use one to live in the Virtual World. This is why so many people are looking at the door of opportunity that closed 2 decades ago.

If you do not understand my last statement, let me explain it to you this way. Men and women have been walking thru a certain door of opportunity for many years. (Their parents used this door as did their grandparents before them.) This door is the door to jobs in the Industrial Revolution. As the door slowly closes, they clamor to get thru it but some of them get kicked right back out. As the door slams shut, they concentrate on waiting for this door to reopen. They call the Government to reopen the door and they fall for the promises.

What they have failed to see as they stay focused on the door of opportunity that has slammed shut is the other doors of opportunity that have opened.

Remain open to the possibilities of opportunity in the Virtual World.



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