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Do You Remember When….

Do You Remember When….you were young and it was…

This thought hit me as I was sitting here wondering how others related to it. Here is the thought:

Do you remember when you were young and it was Christmas time, the snow was falling and the stores were all glowing with that feeling of a small town loving memories?

Do you think I am just reflecting the movie Christmas Story. In a way, I am because I could experience those same feelings of the hustle of the small town, large department store Christmas nostalgia.

Isn’t it amazing how the brain works? It can replay these experiences but more profoundly, our brain can create our own reality!!!!   

In our mind, we can create a Virtual Community. We can have anything we want in our Virtual Community because there are no boundaries to our imagination. Just think about this: Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Growth Rich, The Master Mind to Riches and etc) states that IMAGINATION is the seed of everything we have done. Our imagination is what takes an idea and develops it into a worthwhile product.

Isn’t our Virtual Community but one of the stages of our imagination?

I started this out with Christmas Story because as I was sitting here, I was thinking it would be great to go back to a simpler life where you were excited about the Red Rider BB Gun and the turkey dinner. Some times, I think we have too much and other times, I think we have too little because we do not appreciate the connections we have with each other. After all, isn’t it the connections we have with each other that makes Christmas so special?

Maybe it is time to explore what our Virtual World really means to us. We are here in this realm of a Virtual World working to establish a business community. As we move forward, we come to understand our community (or world) is best served by the Relationships we establish between ourselves.




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