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They Remind Me I’m a Sucker Every

They Remind Me I’m a Sucker Every… time I walk thru the door

Have you ever wondered why Banks keep suckers on the counter for you to take? When you park in the parking lot and head for the bank, you see all these people with suckers in their mouth. It’s almost like labeling: there’s a sucker and there’s another one, etc

Ever since someone told me this, I could not take one out of those baskets unless the kids wanted one. I didn’t like that stick, sticking out of my mouth but now, I formed this image of being a sucker!

You are probably laughing at the story but what is it my friend told me about banks and suckers?

Well, it’s about their currency, it’s about their fees, it’s about access to real money. What alternatives do you have?


This is the alternative. Digital Currency provides an alternative to the monetary system we are subjected to now. Above, I mentioned the currency, fees and access to real money. Recently one of the major banks limited access to businesses to the funds in their accounts. If the business did not change banks, I do not know how they would be able to pay their bills. (Hopefully the bank came to this realization and corrected their move.)

With Digital Currency, we are not tied to this same system that is trying to correct the wrongs they have done. We do not have these fees and the currency is real. One such company that is producing this currency is Compumatrix. The currency they are producing is called Compuceeds.

To understand more about Compuceeds, you might want to read this article What is Compuceeds and how can it help businesses better than any Payment Processor? by Henry James Banayat. In his article, Mr Banayat enumerates a list of reasons for using Compuceeds for payment processing.

All you really need to concentrate on is It’s a Virtual World.

Compuceeds by Compumatrix


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