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Advertising That Sells

Advertising That Sells

I was listening to the radio this morning and heard this advertisement:

LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 2 HOURS EATING ONLY CANDY BARS! With this new Scientific discovery…. 
The advertisement went on with other ridiculous requirements then they stated: of course this isn’t possible…

How many times have you been sucked in by something that seemed to be “to good to be true” (and you found it wasn’t true).

I got a good laugh with the advertisement then I realized just what they did. They opened with something so ridiculous that it immediately got my attention. Then they discussed how ridiculous the piece was and transitioned into the advertisement for their “Real” product.

When you are engaged in your own online business, some times it hard to remain focused. As in the advertisement above, the advertiser GRABBED YOU, connected with you then told you his/her story. What do you do when you are STUCK! Try a Brain Dump (Brain Dump Then Reboot Your Online Business) Then, (maybe) you can re-engage and move forward and join the world of Digital Marketing.

Marketing That’s Effective

Although I am focused on digital marketing, I will use this example of advertisement that ran in a newspaper.

Attention Grabber: Something in Florida’s Backyards is Threatening Your Children’s Lives

Compelling Body of Ad: Alligators are coming out of the swamps and into backyards endangering the lives of your children

Product: This company had a hard time keeping up with orders after this ad ran. Before the ad, they were going out of business.


How do your customers perceive your products? Do they know where to find you? Do they know what you offer? Is your advertising as compelling as the ad above?

Now, here is the clincher. Do you have an audience that will hear you speak? (What does your advertising say to them?)



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