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Marketing Your Online Business Thru Feelings

Marketing Your Online Business Thru Feelings

Recently, I was thinking about a product. This thought had not entered my mind in some time. The product, a bar of soap! I was probably 8 years old at the time but if I ever would have the pleasure of that smell again, I would recognize it immediately!

It wasn’t the soap and it wasn’t the smell, it was the feeling! If you market your online business thru feelings, your customers will not forget you. However, neither you nor your customer will be able to put this into words. (More on this later)

As I sat in the audience that day, the speaker stated line after line from old ads and asked us to finish the phrases. We remembered them all as if we just heard them. Then he hit us with the news. He asked why it was that we remembered these ads so well, after all, none of them had been run in more than 20 years!

About those feelings- Simon Sinek, in his book START WITH WHY, states we can not put feelings into words because feelings are in a part of the brain that words are not.

What about those ads that had not been run for more than 20 years? Why is it we remembered them so well? Do you ever smell perfume or cologne on someone and instantly think about someone else? This is because that smell is associated with the feelings that bring back that special someone.

Magazines have had areas in their advertisements that you “scratch and sniff” for a certain fragrance. These advertisers know the value of smell.

QUESTION: How do you use the sense of smell with Digital Marketing?

I’m only asking this question because I will not attempt to answer this. (except) I will throw out this idea: What if you were to use photos that could take someone down memory lane? With digital marketing, you have photos and videos that are very powerful. How many times do you see something familiar and all of a sudden, you can smell Grandma’s cooking or that smell of the candy store you visited as a child (from the photo in the magazine).



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