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I Would Have Invited You

I Would Have Invited You…but I wasn’t sure if you were ready.

I attended a webinar tonight and just before it got started, I thought I should have invited you to this one. However, knowing the people involved in this webinar, I thought it might be a little over the top.

I like to attend events that I might pick up a little something special. Even though the purpose of the “free” informational event is to sell you a program or product, it is always wise to attend with your eyes open.

I won’t mention the name of the marketers that were doing the event (that’s not important). They are top notch marketers and I hold the most respect for both of them. One of them has developed multiple businesses into the $million dollar per year and more income brackets. The other has done similar work as well.

The reason I am discussing this at all is because the product that they were selling is a product that when you are ready, you move UP to that level and really start rolling!

Most people that are reading this may (or may not) be ready for this level for their online businesses. If you aren’t, I want to talk to you. We have moved into marketing Virtual Goods and for some, that has been hard to wrap their mind around.

Let’s start with why you are here. The product does not matter, the service does not matter nor does the method of marketing matter. The bottom line is you are here to make money online.

With this in mind, change your concept (for the moment) of what money is. We are engaged with Digital Marketing, so why don’t we start thinking about Digital Currency? I bet that put a question mark on your forehead.

The webinar I attended tonight was not for the faint of heart. Although I know I could excel with the information that was being sold, I am not in the market for the price tag at this time. Besides, I would prefer doing just what I am doing right now!



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