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Make Money Online or Spend Money Online

Make Money Online or Spend Money Online

What makes more sense to you, make money online or spend money online? Is the object only to increase your bank account or is it to being able to spend money on the things you want (or need)?

After all, isn’t the object of making money online so you can take that money and spend it anyway? Really, no one really wants to have a bank account with a lot of money and never spend it! Right!

Now, let’s turn this upside down. Instead of concentrating on making money online, why don’t we think about spending money online. (you probably think: “you moron, if I had the money it wouldn’t be a problem spending it!)


You spend all this time online anyway. Why don’t you just pay yourself for the activities you already are engaged in online. All you have to do is learn what we are doing at Compumatrix.

Of course, you are going to want more information to go on. Before we get to this however, are you getting your mind wrapped around the concept of spending money online? If you are, I want you to read this article: Other People Will Help You Get Rich

To hold a better understanding of where this is going, here is a piece of information from that article:

There is now a new way to look at money. DIGITAL CURRENCY

Digital Currency is a new means of accounting for money. It is electronic but it is so much more than this. In the future, it will be a form of currency that is backed by real value. (Our current “fiat” money has lost it’s attachment to real value thru fractionalization.)

You can read the rest of the article, but the bottom line is you need to learn how to make money online with the end in mind: SPENDING IT!

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