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They Tried to Charge Her Bankcard

They Tried to Charge Her Bankcard

I received a call from a friend and during the call, he stated someone attempted to hit his wife’s Bank Card. Her card was one of those thousands of cards that one of those big stores had their account hacked. They tried to get almost $200 but it was caught!!

How well do you trust your Bank and Bank Card for security? For that matter, what do you think of the banking system? How do they see you? (They Remind Me I’m a Sucker Every)

Have you ever had a wood burning stove? In the evening, you put some paper on the bottom, stack some loose kindling on top of the paper then place some logs on top then you light it up. Every so often, you have to stoke the fire to keep it burning. In the morning, you open the stove and all that paper, kindling and wood has just become a pile of ashes. This is how I view my money when I put it in a Bank.

That may be scary but it can get worst. What really happens is this. You deposit $100. The bank pays you 0.5% interest after 1 year (maybe). They take your money, sprinkle it with pixy dust and turn around and loan out $1,000 (sometimes more). They collect 15% (or 24%, or etc) in interest (sometimes these are 90 day loans).

If they make bad loans, the bank goes under (with your money)! UP IN SMOKE leaving you that pile of ashes!

Oh NO! you say, “My money is protected by the FDIC. My friend, that may be the case but they did not tell you they have 99 years to pay!


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