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Digital Currency- Where Dreams Connect to Virtual Economy

Digital Currency- Where Dreams Connect to Virtual Economy

There are times when one must dream then there are times to Connect to Virtual Economy.

I wrote a blog post (Do You Remember When…. ). In the post, I stated:
Maybe it is time to explore what our Virtual World really means to us. We are here in this realm of a Virtual World working to establish a business community.

Our economy is driven by money. (If you could not get paid, why would you do it?) We are in a new world and new economy. Our economy moves on the Internet. This is our Virtual World. This is where our future is and our money is. What about our money for our future? Our future is based on Digital Currency.

Dreams are just that unless there is a concerted effort directed in unison with that dream. Have you ever been discouraged because someone called you a “Dreamer”? Sometimes you pull back because you fear what others will think. Everything that has been produced started as a DREAM!

How do you connect those dreams to reality? Reality for us now and in the future is the Virtual World. Connecting our Virtual World to our Dreams is done with Digital Currency.Our economy is determined by the ability to balance our finances. That ability has been compromised by the inability of our monetary system to perform. That ability is the determining factor for people to continue on the purchase and payment continuum.

A purchase and payment system is not a one time situation. When someone sells a product, they have to be able to replenish their supply of materials to reproduce that product for resells. They also need to be able to make enough on that product sell to use extra to support their lives.

With this in mind, we need a system that will support this.



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