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Digital Marketing- What’s Your Brand

Digital Marketing- What’s Your Brand

I remember not too long ago (we are talking decades) I could not understand why anyone would wear a T-shirt with a company’s logo on it and pay more for that shirt. After all, isn’t this advertising for that company and instead of them paying for the advertisement, we are paying them.

Sometimes we have to measure our abilities in ways we would not have otherwise understood previously. I met a photographer some time ago when I was doing a lot of photography. He told me to concentrate on “what you want to do”. He told me he got stuck doing Silver Photography because he was good at it. At first, he didn’t want to be that “starving artist” so when he found photography that would pay the bills, he took it. At first, he enjoyed it but later, it consumed his time and he could not concentrate on the photography he wanted to do. He was stuck because he was earning very well and the more he did, the more work he got. He got the representation of the go to guy for Silver Photography.

In the post (Buddy and Me), I mentioned the value of good advertisement:

This brings me to the point of the value of good advertising.

Now, we are in the Virtual World and are relying on Digital Marketing.What does this mean for your business? Are people going to remember you, your products or your business?

The photographer I was talking about got a representation for being the best at photography of anything in Silver. This was his Brand.

I have been talking about Brandinglately. This is important to the marketer for their online business. Your customers need to know who you are and remember your product. Will you be able to develop a digital marketing campaign that people will remember for 20 years after the last run for your advertisement?



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