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Blog Post 30- Compuceeds or Bust

Some things are worth the wait. Waiting for Compumatrix to pull all the pieces together has been frustrating but it will never be regretted. When a new industry and product enters the market, it is not always understood. It takes time for everything to come together and to move forward. Most companies don’t get it on the first try and some products finally launch via a different company than the one that came up with the concept.

In this post Blog Post 30- Compuceeds or Bust, I want to be sure to hold the course with what I need to do. My goal was to write and publish 30 blogs in 30 days. This post completes that commitment. The Compuceeds or Bust part of this is a commitment with no limits (or time frames).

In the post The Road to Riches, Paved With Compuceeds, I referred to the Digital Currency, Compuceeds.We are about to enter a new world and economy. The Virtual Economy.Years ago, I was “Downsized” out of a job. While everyone else was waiting for the jobs to come back, I knew it was time to move on. That moving on meant finding where the future was going and to be there first. I learned that from someone I learned some valuable lessons from about the Stock Market. He said, “Money doesn’t leave the Stock Market, it just changes sectors. When it leaves one sector, it is up to you to figure out where it will be going and wait for it to arrive.”

Although I have been writing and publishing this blog on my personal challenge for the last 30 days, I have met my goal and it is time to find a new one. I will continue writing blogs however, I will have other responsibilities to take care of in the meantime.

Some people call this a game. If that is the case:

I’m in the game.

Compuceeds by Compumatrix


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