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Why Work for an Hourly Wage….

Why Work for an Hourly Wage…. when you can work for a penny

Read that again! Then read it out loud! Now, does this even make sense?

I know when you read the title of this post, you must have thought I was nuts! Well, I am. Think about it this way. Most people that start their own business (often, an online business ) do not have any idea what they are getting into. Some that have done their research realize they are trading their hourly wage jobsin for NO PAY AT ALL!

Why would so many people flock to the aspect of owning their own online business?Getting back to the traditional employment situation, who gets paid first, the employee or the business owner? The employee! Ok, what about this: Who gets paid more, the employee or the business owner? By far, when the business becomes successful, the Business Owner takes the larger salary!!!

Do you understand where this is going now? The “Business” must meet its obligations before the owner gets paid. This is why so many people starting businesses risks there savings to go into business. They “gamble” that they can hold out long enough until they can create enough profit to pay themselves. Often, this means long hours and doing everything they can before they start adding employees to the business.

At the beginning of this blog, I asked the question:
Why Work for an Hourly Wage…. when you can work for a penny?

Do you remember the question that may have been asked of you in a math class? Would you rather earn $10 an hour for 8 hours a day for 30 days or earn a penny doubled per day for 30 days?

Let me see, every day, I would earn $80 and after 30 days, I would earn a total of $2,400.00! I’ll take it!

If I took the penny a day doubled,(on the 15th day, I would earn $163.84 and the total is just under $330.00. THAT’S ONLY $22 PER DAY! OR ONLY $2.75 PER HOUR!) My word, what a rip off! I’m sticking with the Hourly Wage!

Have you done the math??? On day 20, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN PAID $5,242.88!

DAY 30 ALONE PAYS: $5,368,709.12

You may not earn $5 Million Dollars in one day with your Online Business but you have a better chance of making this happen with your own business than if you were an employee.

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