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Drawing a Line

There comes a time that you must draw a line in the sand. The sand is ever moving and this represents the World as you know it. At times, I feel this represents my online business(es).

This morning I was frustrated, this afternoon, I felt resolved then this evening, I felt frustrated again. A friend of mine has started his own Multi-level business because he was frustrated with the way things were going. (I still don’t know if that will solve the overall issue.)

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple S……

I don’t know why companies tout this line. Most never keep it simple!

I have my hands in several fires right now and boy has it been stressful. There have been several points whereas I wanted to just throw in the towel. However, I hung in there and await the fruits of my labor. (Some people would say: what labor? ) In my repertoire of businesses, there are 2 that are the stalwarts of what I intend(ed) to use as a foundation. However, at this point, the candle is diminishing with one as we speak.

One of these businesses is very proactive and does not want to leave any stone unturned where the necessary information for the membership lies. The other, I am in conflict with over this issue. I have been watching both diligently for the last several years.


I do not know if this is the correct assignment of terms for the issue at hand. However, the issue arises and has never been dealt with satisfactorily. (Try as you may to define dealt with satisfactorily! ) I see it as I am right no matter what the consequences.


I thought is best that I gag myself. There are times that you must plan carefully because you do not want to leave the opportunity sitting on the table. We use to refer to this in the Stock Market as LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE. In the “market”, if you leave it there, someone will gladly pick it up.

I don’t want to leave money on the table and I don’t want to leave the ship either. I surely don’t want to go down with the ship so I will call this post:



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