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Embrace Change and Ask Why


Embrace Change and Ask Why

We talk about how the world is changing but we fail to embrace change. In the article If We Were Rational…., there was a statement: The jobs that replaced (some) of them are not the same ones that were lost. As a matter of fact, most of them did not exist 20 years ago!

Some new companies moved into our area recently and I had to ask myself how many people are qualified for the jobs that will be offered in these companies? Even in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,as I’m sure you remember, Charlie’s father lost his job but he got a job servicing the robot that replaced him. Was he qualified? How many other people that worked in the factory never got a job back?

Hmm, I thought this blog was about Compumatrix.

It is! It is about the Virtual World and Virtual Goods that Compumatrix represents. However, it is also about the connection between the Virtual World and the Physical World.

Compumatrix has taken my Online Business to a whole new level. We now have the ability to be a part of the Digital Currency world and work with Physical Products.

This morning, I called a friend of mine (who happens to be a car salesman) and I asked him for a favor. I told him I needed a quote for a car I had been looking at. I just needed a quote and didn’t have to bore him with the details. After all, he will understand the details once I have that car in my driveway!

Do I need a new car? NO! We have enough cars! Heck, my truck is a 1978 with 170,000 miles on it! If I took the plywood out of the bed, I can be Fred Flintstone!We only have one car that is over 200K miles (and the rest are close to 200K).

You know what? I earned that car that I asked for the quote and I didn’t have to sign up 5,000 people to earn it!



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