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I am not perfect…!

I have to admit it – I am not perfect!

Self esteem
I try to talk my inner self into a high self esteem – since everything works so much better when I am self confident. However, I must not be too good in trying because it only takes a few persons to tell me “You are wrong” or “Why are you so silly to keep doing what you are doing” to make me start hesitating, and down goes my self esteem.
On the other hand – I grow at least an inch every time somebody tells me “You have really been helpful” or “Thank you for making me understand…” etc.. and that my friends is what keep me going!

I have been trying very hard to be patient! I have been reading all I can about how to run a business. I have been trying to prepare myself for how to get new customers, how to involve merchants into our program, how to be an inspiration to all who find it hard to understand our program and all parts in it…
At times I have failed, and I have failed more than once… I may have hurt one or another on my journey with Compumatrix, because I were too much self confident and failed to liste to others pain or worries. For that I bow deep down and ask for forgiveness.
I have been there myself, I am not yet safe for the traps that makes me become a doubting Thomas, but I do try. I do try to see the great thoughts behind our Company, the great work put in to make this something we can be proud of! I see and feel the effort and rock sollid determination in our Upper Management, and this helps me to remain patient, and to truly believe that we have a great time ahead of us.

Oh yes, I have made mistakes in my days! I pay daily for mistakes done in the past. I can not guarantee that I won’t make mistakes again, in the future. I’m only human. But what I once thought was a big mistake – has now turned out to be my greatest opportunity! So would it have been better if I had not made any mistakes in the past?

I don’t think so! For every mistake made – I have learned heaps. I have achieved  knowledge that one can not get in school. Knowledge about myself, and how I react when a mistake is made. I can feel the pain and worry presented me from other people, and I can understand why they have those feelings.

My hope and my aim – is to be there for these persons, to be able to encourage them to meet their fear with actions and an active way to get rid of the fears and worries.


So what is my purpose with this post? My purpose is that there is nothing like a perfect human being. We are all unique, with all our skills and faults, and there is a purpose for everybody’s life on earth!

What does that mean for our Compumatrix Company? It means we all have a place in the company, whether we want to be passive, or actively participate, there is a place for us!
There is no wrong way to run our independent contractor businesses within Compumatrix!

We can be passive, and let our Computers work for us by participating in the WorldCommunityGrid program. Helping scientists and work for a good cause at the same time.  When possible – we can participate in the 3d party program, giving job to other people who want to work from home.

Or we can become “active sellers”. Isn’t that a word that every body hates!? Have you met one single active seller trying to lure you into buying something – that you haven’t wanted to send as far as…no, I don’t want to use an abusive word for it.

I have news for you! To be an active seller in Compumatrix does NOT mean that you are actively talking, talking, talking about Compumatrix. Nor does it mean that you have to try to talk people into buying/purchasing VPCs.
All you have to do – is dropping a word hear and there, and soon enough somebody will ask you what you are talking about! That’s your starting point. That is you actively selling your products, without actually doing any sales talk. There are lots of posts at our page telling about successful active selling, without active sales talk.

So my purpose with this post was only to tell that ALL of us WHO ARE NOT perfect, do have a place in our Compumatrix International which is all about Engaging, Enhancing and Enriching!


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