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A Friend Sent Me a Video


That was the title of the video. It was about the loss of jobs that we have experienced here in the United States to other countries. The Official definition is: Outsourcing!

Well, being a victim of this about 20 years ago lend itself to personal experience. A lot of people are still waiting for that job to come back. (I don’t want it back!)

While attending a meeting years ago for a Network Marketing business, the speaker addressed the audience (and it applies here with this conversation) by giving a description of “the Door of Opportunity”closing in front of our very eyes! As we stand there watching this door for it to open again, we miss the other “Door of Opportunity” that just opened.

Another marketer described it as this: A foreigner moved into the neighborhood. One day, as this person watched out his window, he saw this man setting up a Hot Dog stand. Months passed and he saw this man purchase a Sandwich and Lunch truck selling to the nearby construction sites and business centers. Two years later, this man opens his own Restaurant selling International Cuisine. This man wondered why this Foreigner was so lucky.

When you see opportunity, you must seize the day! 

Some people need a Boss breathing down their back all day long or they would be lost! Those people are not reading this post (GUARANTEED!)

What is it you seek in life? I was meant to be a Farmer! Growing up in New York City, I really didn’t believe this, but it was in the cards. (This is another story so I will spare you!) Sometimes we are resistant to what we should be doing or change. When my job was shipped to another country, I was building electronics and this was not what I wanted to do. It was ok at the time but it was not me. I was lost and trying to find what I wanted to do and what I had to do.



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