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I Learned a New Concept Today


I was just getting ready to shut down for the night. All of a sudden, one of the revelations I experienced today shot across my Cerebral Cortex (or something like that). I had a Whole New Plan!

You know when someone is saying something to you over and over and over again and you finally “get it”!

I had that experience today. When you are in this business long enough, you learn who you can listen to and who you can’t. You also learn who has information you want, need and desire and how much it is going to cost you.

There are a lot of people in the Industry of Online Marketingthat I know and trust. (This is an important point so don’t let this one pass you by!) You have to earn someone’s trust every day. I’m still looking for help so I can earn my son’s trust. Over the years, we have been hanging on sometimes by a tread! Sometimes that is all you need until you can add another thread and another to make that bond what you want it to be.

In the World of Network Marketing, you have to build those bonds as well. I can give you scores of names that I hope never to see in one of my genealogy reports. Then, there are those that I seek out and follow what they have to teach.

One person, in particular, have been following for years. I have made purchases from him and thought I would be finished being his customer. Then he put out a new product! Wow!

However, I did sign up but it wasn’t the product that really caught my attention. It was his renewed enthusiasm. He does a lot of video tutorials. I am always looking for his latest to pick up that gem that lays buried in his content. It doesn’t take long to find it!

Tonight, sitting here, all of a sudden it hit me:
I Learned a New Concept Today

What he said in one of his tutorials will revitalize my entire presence on the Internet!


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