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Why Can’t We Be Friends

Do you remember that song by the band War.I bet you do. Here is one of the lines: I kinda like to be the President… so I can show you how your money’s spent

Isn’t it funny the things we remember. Actually, a friend made a post today on Face Book with this as a title. As I thought about it, the realization hit me that this is it! This is the reality of our online world. We just want to answer the question: Why can’t we be friends?

Isn’t that what we want and are drawn to? We are drawn into this Virtual World and our own little Virtual Communities. Face Bookis one of these Virtual Communitiesand now, we introduce the World to the Virtual Community of Compumatrix.

With Compumatrix,we are introducing that next level that we have been aspiring to already and that level is a sustainable Virtual Economy!

I know I’m throwing around a lot of Virtual this and Virtual that (and Virtual Cyber Hot Air). But, let’s face it. We are looking for this connection. And that leads us back to the song by War: Why Can’t We Be Friends

What is so important about: WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS?

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: We are building a Virtual Community so we can stay connected in our BIGGER Virtual World!!!

Now, let’s go back to COMPUMATRIX.

Think of a bicycle wheel for just a moment. You have the hub in the middle, the spokes and the rim on the outside. Compumatrixis the hub. The spokes represent YOUR CONNECTIONS with the various Virtual Communities such as Face Book, LinkedIn, My Space (hardly mentioned anymore), Pintrest, etc.

Where each of these spokes ends is one of these Virtual Communities.The rim makes it inclusive for all the components and this is our Virtual World.

So, I ask you:



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