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My Phone Started Calling Everyone


Do you remember that movie? It was a lot of fun. Just for a quick reminder, Robot Number 5 was struck by lightening and the resulting action was Number 5 was alive. The robot could think, reason and understand when they were going to “dismantle” him it would mean death.


I pulled out my phone because I needed to call my wife. As I was about to touch the screen above her name, the phone went into dialing but it was not her number it was dialing. It was someone else. I quickly touched the “end call” button and it started calling someone else. I cancelled that call as well. Wondering what that was all about, I went back to calling my wife. I touched the screen to call her and the phone randomly called someone else. I cancelled that call then it called another and another as I spent time cancelling each call. Eventually, it randomly called my wife’s number and I let that one go through.

The phone was clearly out of control. Number 5 was once again alive.


Some day, some day soon, I anticipate my online business to take shape and at this time, I will be able to say: we are online and we are alive!

I have other “adventures” online that I am engaged with and several others that I will soon be engaged with as well. I am not waiting for this one thing to happen but at the same time, it is the event that will tie all of my activities together just as a rope with many fibers. As you know, a rope will more fibers will be stronger than one with only a few.


I have been “patiently” (yeah, right) waiting for all to become the reality we have been anticipating. However, as much as I would like to state, I can not fully grasp the reality of what our procedures will be. I am trying to put in place the pieces of the puzzle so I can be a fully prepared as I can wrap my mind around it.


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