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I was slicing thru a Mango on my cutting board and all of a sudden, the realization of the moment occurred to me. I have been living in Colorado for 37 years and when I came here, I couldn’t enjoy a slice of a ripe Mango right out of the grocery store like this. I lived in Florida my early teen years and I remember the intense flavor of a tree ripened Mango. There was nothing like it. To me, this was the best fruit I had ever enjoyed. After leaving Florida, I would not enjoy that immense taste for a long, long time.

Several years ago, I was visiting family in Florida. We had visited one of the Flea Markets. As I walked down the isles, I smelt ripe Mango. I had to buy one or 2 and take it with me. That was my feast on that trip. I forgot how much I liked it.

While living here in Colorado, I occasionally checked out the Mangos in the produce section but I would rarely buy them because they just were not ripe. Today was my lucky day as I sliced thru that ripe Mango and savored the delicious taste!

And what in the World does this have to do with the Internet and your online business?


Mangos still are not grown in Colorado but now I can occasionally enjoy a ripe Mango right from the store. When I moved to Colorado, I also did not have the Internet or an online business!


You see, so much has changed! Seth Godin says: “if you have a laptop, you can be in business”

When I came to Colorado, I secured a “physical job”. When I needed to earn some additional money, I had to find something “physical” I could do.

Now, to be in business, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. My, my has to World changed! We have now entered into the Virtual World or into a Virtual Economy.


For years, entrepreneurs have struggled with one aspect of their online businesses. That aspect is payment systems or getting paid. With a Global Economy, most online businesses are built on a World wide platform. This has caused concerns for those participating with payment of funds for products and commissions.

Compumatrix addresses this issue for the World wide participants in our Virtual Economy.It is a Digital Currencybusiness and payment system.

We are in the process of change and those that choose not to change will be standing in front of that “door of opportunity”that opened just after World War II and closed in the 1990’s till 2008. Waiting for that door to open again is like expecting everyone to move back to the country and grow their own produce.





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