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A friend of mind told me this story that a neighbor told him.

I was looking out my living room window and my new neighbor was out in front of his house selling food from a cart. “I thought to myself, he hasn’t been in this country more than 2 weeks and look at him. He doesn’t know the first thing about how we do things in this country.”

A couple of months had passed and now he has this great big food truck parked in his driveway. I wish he would move it because it is an eye sore. Boy, he just doesn’t understand how we do things.

Two years pass by and now he is handing out flyers for a discount at his Grand Opening of his new restaurant. I don’t get it, some people get all the breaks!

Andrew Carnegie could not understand how so many people in this country could be so poor. When he came from Scotland, he only had the clothes on his back and a handful of change in his pocket. When he died, he was the riches person in America at the time.


In Mark Anastasi’s book, The Laptop Millionaire, there was this one line that I will remember forever: “making money online is so easy!”

That may be the case however, you show me 100 people online and I will show you 3 people that find making money online is easy.

That’s not to say the other 97 people should give it up. On the contrary, what they should do is take the attitude of the emigrant in the beginning of this article. Approach your business as if there is nothing else you can do.

The emigrant took a skill he had and built on it and built on it some more. He didn’t waver but he held steady until he reached his goals at each level. The first goal would have been to sustain himself. Once he accomplished that, he would slowly put away money to finance his next step. He would build each level until it was solid and could sustain the next level.


You have to find that solid foundation to build your business on. I have a multiple business concept but I start everything with a solid foundation for my Online Business Ventures.




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