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Dont Gamble With Your Online Business


Are you gambling with your future?

When you got the notion in your head to start your online business, did you take it seriously? Or, let me phrase it this way: Are you as dedicated to your own business as you have been in the past to your employment?

Did you realize when you started online that 97% of online business owners fail? Those are the same people that go to Las Vegas every year and expect to win.

Several years ago, a man walked into a convenience store with just enough money to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk for his family. He had nothing left. He took a chance and bought a lottery ticket instead. HE WON!

This story is used for publicity for the Lottery. Do you know how many people had to lose for this man to win $1 Million Dollars? When I hear this story, I ask people what about the others just like him that didn’t win?

97% of online business owners fail because they treat their online businesses as if it were the lottery.

You buy a ticket (your online business), if you are lucky, you have a winning ticket of the 3% group!


Years ago, I had a friend that would call me up and tell me he just signed us both up in this new business. I would tell him, “ok, give me the website” Then I would start asking him questions, “what’s the product, what is the compensation, where is the company located?” After all his “I don’t knows”, he would add, “are you looking at the website? then you know more about it than I do!”

He was an online business gambler! (By-the-way, he lived in Las Vegas at the time.)

Don’t gamble with your future. When you are engaged with your business, you are building your financial future. You may only have 10 hours a week that you can dedicate to your business but make it count. The main idea of this paragraph is the word: DEDICATE.


There are some people that are dedicated to success. Sometimes, they stand apart, sometimes they don’t. No matter, THEY ARE DEDICATED.




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