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Is It Better To Buy Online or Not?

According to survey conducted by Global/ Webinex, a person can consume an average of 6.5 to 8 hours of internet surfing per day. Knowing this fact may not surprise the many since some people might see this as the least number of hours they can consume per day. They may want to say, “Welcome to the Digital Age”.

As the digital age enters, online shopping or online buying also emerged. Tons of online shopping websites popped up one after another. And these entities are purely dedicated to making online shopping easy and relatively cost effective. It is not that hard to understand the potential benefits it would cause to the business and consumers. But at the same time there are still contradicting factors that let people think, “Is it better to buy online or not?”

Let us site some online buying Pros and Cons


1. Saves Time, Gas and Hassle

Whenever or wherever you are, for as long as you have an internet usage support, you can place an order anytime and at any place you want. Online shopping saves your:

Time – No need to waste time in freshening up and visiting malls

Gas – No need to drive to a shopping mall

Hassle – No need to go on sale and be pushed by shoppers.

2. Easy Product Comparison

Shopper would now have the opportunity to check out and compare products they want through online shopping. Internet gives you access to tons of information you would want to know about a certain product. Making it easy for shoppers to compare, decide and purchase any item.

3. 24/7 Open

You might experience shopping for an important occasion but then the boutique where you want to buy the stuff just close. It feels frustrating right? But with the online shops, no need to be frustrated anymore. They are open 24 hours of the day, and 7 days of the week.

4. Reviews

Offline or online stores, one should be thankful if these have customer reviews. It helps the company to improve and develop tactics to gain more sales and to know what their consumers think of them as a service or product provider. On the part of the consumer, it practices them to identify what shop considers their thoughts and ideas. With this, they can figure out which shop really cares out of those who did not.



1. Waiting Time

One of the issues concerning online buying is the consumer’s waiting time for the product to arrive. As a consumer, one might feel uneasy knowing that they already paid for the product not knowing how many days should pass for them to actually see and use it.

2. Shipping Cost

Better check first if the shipping cost more than actually visiting a shopping mall to purchase an item. Some usually fall into the trap of paying more shipping fee than the item they purchased.

3. Deal with it? Or have a hard time sending it back

It’s not that easy to return an item that has been delivered to you with damage. Some might say that it has been packaged in good condition and might have been damaged during delivery. Don’t accept such excuse. Report it immediately, but then again, it might took too much time replacing and delivering it again to you.

4. No room for testing

You won’t be having a chance to try the product you purchase. All you need to trust is your instinct and your guts that it will perfectly work somehow.

Everything in this world has its pros and cons. And it’s up to the wise buyer to choose between the traditional or the online type of purchasing. Let’s just be thankful that we are discovering way to make our lives much easier. But remember, too much tasting of something good can also be bad enough.


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