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COMPUCEEDS, Your Choice for Digital Currency


If you don’t know anything about Compumatrix it is time to “get in the game”.

Compumatrix is the producer of Compuceeds. What are Compuceeds? Compuceeds are a Digital Currency. If you are not aware of what Digital Currencies are, then you need to top up your education. (Especially if you are online as a means to earn money online.)

Do you really know the power of the Internet? Let me give you this example. (It won’t take too long.) I read in a business book about a year or two ago about a study the author made. He looked into the Courses at 4 of the top business schools in the nation. Through out all of these courses, none of these business schools had courses on selling. Now, let’s take this one step further. Everyone has the opportunity to attend Public Schools thru grade 12. Nowhere in the Public Education system is FINANCIAL EDUCATION taught!

You know the REAL power of the Internet. SELF EDUCATION! You can find the financial education that is lacking in our Public Education World.

COMPUCEEDS Further Your Financial Education

It’s time to learn some “new stuff” in the realm of your Financial Education. Further you education by finding out what Compuceeds can do for your online business ventures.

First, you need to find out what Compuceeds are and what they can do. Then you need to know how they can be a fit for your business needs. We can talk about profit margins and things such as this but do not limit your conversation to strictly Dollars and cents. Although important, let’s not neglect Time Management. After all, what is the use of the speed of the Internet if we are lagging behind on the most crucial part: the Payment Mechanism.

COMPUMATRIX and Business Partnerships

Can you do it alone? (Can you ever do it alone?)

This is the importance of Business Partnerships (or alliances). I’m not asking you to go to the Secretary of State’s Office and file for a Business Partnership! But, I am asking you this: If you had an alliance with a network of businesses, do you think you can have a better online business presence?





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