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Online Business- Who Are You


When it relates to your online business, one of the most important questions will be: WHO ARE YOU?

Your Online Business is Your Signature and everything else pales in comparison. If you are not a person of Integrity, you will be found out. However, most people do not get into an online business with the intent to take advantage of others. At the same time, they also neglect to build a reputation for themselves. (Branding themselves)

Of course, that’s not to say you may sign up with a  business and never hear from your sponsor again. They may not return phone calls when you need support or answer emails, etc. These are the people you want to avoid like the plague!

I follow several people as I am on their contact list. I learn a great deal from them (good and bad) and I use this knowledge to determine what my Brand will be.


What is your online business if it is not just an extension of you? Even if you had a job where you were working for someone else, that job is an extension of you. This is what defines you for who you are and what you are. But, it doesn’t always have to define you!

EMBRACE CHANGE and redefine who you are. Picture for a moment that drawing of you trying to make a decision. There you are looking in the mirror. On your left shoulder is a tiny angel telling you that you should be doing positive things for others in your business. On your right shoulder is a tiny devil telling you sign them up, take the money and run. Once you collect your commission, you don’t need to talk to them again!

We enter the World of Ecommerce and now we are in a Virtual Economy. Not only did you embrace change and ask why, but you took a leap of faith that an online business is the way to go. You left your corporate world behind and you are defining a “new” you.


Will you turn to the left or turn to the right? Will you listen to that tiny angel or to the tiny devil. Will you respect people or will you disrespect people?

You may think now that you are on the Internet, people won’t know who you are if you misrepresent something! There is a guy that was famous online for his fraudulent activities. If you mentioned his name (or one of his other 5 aliases), the person you were talking to could remember the rip off they were involved with him. His Brand was not pretty!


Change is hard! Duh

Really, when it comes right down to it, the difficulty in anything we do is doing it the first time. You can go thirty years without riding a bicycle and get right on and ride. Once you learn something and practice, it becomes old hat.

In the process of Defining Who You Are, you have to take into consideration that who you will be is a finished product of all the time and events that shape your life.

I know this hasn’t been directly related to your online business but it is important for your future to understand what it takes to shape YOU. Once you do this, everything else falls into place.


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