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Moving Forward With Your Online Business Thru Blogging


I was just reading some comments in LinkedIn and I thought maybe, I should put some thoughts down in writing. I like writing as a way to organize my thoughts. With the popularity of blogs, it makes writing so much more meaningful.

In the comments I was reading, someone’s blog post was mentioned (David’s). The commenter encouraged other readers to go and read his post because it is so insightful. When I read this comment, I thought I have to agree with that statement.

A few minutes later, my thoughts went in another direction and I began to think about styles of writing and subjects that people choose to write about. Then I thought about the style that I am using right now with what I have written in the last few months.

The realization hit me that WE NEED MORE PEOPLE WRITING. (period)


What I’m using right now is taking a thought from my everyday life and connecting this thought to the purpose of my business. You will be amazed to find those connections and how your past has moved you forward toward your participation in your business.

Is there always a connection? Maybe! (maybe not!)

Right now, I am finding an assortment of connections. My purpose for participating in my current business is a continuum of the goals I have set for myself and my life!

Try this for yourself. As you go thru your day, write down ideas that enter your mind that are connected to the things you want to do. When time permits, take one of these ideas and ponder on it to see how you can use your business to assist you with this idea in moving forward towards your goals. (Oh yes, you have to have goals that you are moving toward. Did I mention that?)

If you have read my blogs, you might find just a thread of information that I use from personal experience that prompted me to write that particular blog. Here is an example (not the best one but it will do):
The Arm Chair Quarter Back and Their Online Business
In this blog post, I used the analogy of the “Sports Fan” that sits at home and does not get in the game.

In another post (My Phone Started Calling Everyone), I used a “bizarre moment” with my phone when it started randomly calling my contacts as a connection with my thoughts on upcoming business ventures.


I didn’t write this for everyone. I wrote this specifically for my family here with COMPUMATRIX.

We are on the eve of our adventure and I wanted to put this in front of you because we have been on this road a long time. We aren’t approaching the end of our travels but the beginning of our greatest journey yet!

You stuck it out because everything in your past has placed you here. This is your journey and you have NOT let anyone take that away from you!





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