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Your Online Business is NOT Your Goal


Owning your own business may be one of those things you didn’t think about when you were in High School and College. As a matter of fact, you just wanted someone to hire you right after you received that diploma. The bottom line is was that your goal?

I bet if you really thought deep down about it, you would soon realize that owning your own business wasn’t your goal and certainly owning your online business was the farthest thing from your mind.

But, what about your GOALS!

Where does it come to play that you get onto where you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS?

If owning your own business isn’t the GOAL, what is the purpose of the online business in the first place? The online business is the same as your job when you work for someone! (only different!) When you were still in school and were hoping to find a job when you graduated, you just wanted a job. That job was not your GOAL!


That job was not your goal and your online business is not your goal. So, what is the PURPOSE OF THE ONLINE BUSINESS? The job market has changed so much that most people realize when they sign on with a job they may be lucky to be in the same place for 5 years! WOW! Before this, a job applicant when asked if they had any questions would often ask about the RETIREMENT BENEFITS (hint, their goal!)

Your online business is the “Tool” for you to achieve your GOALS!

You can love your job or you can love your online business but it is only there for you to reach your goals. The Pursuit of Happiness is the Goal. Of course you have to set incremental goals so you can reach the overall goal. (but that’s not what I’m talking about)

What I am referring to is the overall Goal. The goal, you can only have once you have put in your 40 years and reach the age of Retirement.

Or, if you own your own online business, can you ACHEIVE YOUR GOAL SOONER?




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