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You Are Home in Your Virtual World


Your home is now a Virtual World.

A read a story about a guy that wrote the most breath taking articles on vacation travels through out the World. Exotic vacations that would steal your heart in every line that he wrote would send you to the edges of your imagination. After years of writing with such detail, the writer let everyone know he never traveled at all. He sent for brochures and vacation literature from all these exotic vacation spots and wrote detailed accounts as if he had been there.

This was his business that he share via his Internet connection. Although he did not enjoy travel himself, he no doubt caused others to enjoy to best vacations they would ever experience as an adventure. His Home became a Virtual World where by, he allowed others through his unique gifts an opportunity of a life time.

In MICRO-SECONDS, this gentleman could share a World in would never see with those that desired to see it.


As you can see above, the opportunities are limitless. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can reach to people around the corner from you or around the World.

Because of one of my businesses, years ago, I had the opportunity to call people in various parts of the World. It was particularly fun trying to NOT call someone in the middle of their night. When calling Australia for example, I knew I needed to call in the evening (and often before they went to work).

The ability was there, the connections were there but there still holds a limit. In the World of Ecommerce, movement of products and services are paramount. This goes hand in hand with the movement of Finances.


If payment solutions are limited, the gears of the Virtual Economy would grind to a halt. What is the purpose of sales without having a solution for payment in hand?

I have been in several businesses through out the years that did exactly that because of Payment Issues. They did grind to a halt.

As we move forward, we find solutions or we do not expand our capabilities. One such solution that has loomed on the horizon is called COMPUCEEDS. This is a Digital Currency that is produced by Compumatrix.

Now, you can rest assured that your future projects can be viable in other parts of your Virtual World even from the comfort of your home.

Happy Travels



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