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Is Your Online Business Broken


Your online business is BROKEN! This should be obvious to most people if they were in a position of evaluating sound business decisions. However, that is not the case. In reality, most people getting into online businesses do not have the skills necessary to make a sound business decision therefore, they make a decision based on emotions.

Some people say it best and Seth Godin is one of those people in this video:
Seth Godin – This Is Broken!

When it comes to your online business, most people make their decisions lacking in sound business decisions. They make their decision based on emotion.

This system has been used in Network Marketing since it began in the 1950’s. There are those that are stringent on keeping the “old school” methods of this style of business. In as few words as possible, I would like to express: THIS IS BROKEN


(I didn’t say it was going to be easy!)

There is one marketer that I highly value his opinion on matters related to running your home business. He would rather eliminate people that he would be working with upfront than to “convince” them to join his business based on emotional reasons versus sound business reasons. His reason, “he won’t have to convince them again the next morning when that emotional reason wears off!”


The World has changed! Actually, the World has not changed, our perception to it has. The way we go about our business and inter-relate with others has drastically changed. Now, we can pop into our computer here in Colorado and surface in Australia or Singapore. I often catch someone online that is 14 hours from me and can have a quick chat.

Your online business is called “online” because it is now electronic and can conduct business anywhere in the World. I attended a webinar yesterday and the presenter mentioned: “you can conduct business anywhere 24/7 that you have a computer and an Internet connection.”

Are you going to keep playing with something that’s broken or are you going to fix it?



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