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1-2-3-4 Your Online Business By the Numbers

12:34 AM/PM

When I was young, I use to have recurring dreams. The part that was interesting about all of it was my dreams would be in sections and I would wake up remembering dreaming a section from one part to the next for about 3-4 nights in a row. After this, my dream would move on to the next section and I would dream that section for the next 3-4 nights before moving on.

12:34 AM/PM. In the last several years, I would notice numbers. For instance, the time 12:34 would catch my attention on my clock. Strange as it seems, I would often wake up, look at the clock and see the time: 12:34 AM. Conversely, I would be working on my computer and look at my clock radio and it would be: 12:34 PM.

Numbers hold such a significance to me. I do not know why or how they catch my attention (or why I often find myself counting “stuff”). I like to make sure things are organized by the number. I often pair things or place them in groups of 3, 5 or 7.


If numbering is a way to organize things, then it lends to reason that it would be a way to organize your online business.

When you join a business opportunity, you often go through a training and orientation. (The same as joining a company as an employee.) During these trainings, the trainer would often have you take notes and often have you organize these notes in outline form. (a numbering system)

How many times are you told to follow the step by step instructions? Of course you realize this means to read Step 1, follow that instruction(s), then you proceed to Step 2. (Are you following me?)

Let me demonstrate with this story:
When I was in College (if you are in College, you must be smart, right?), one of my Instructors gave us this 5-6 page form to fill out. Here is the first step:
Step 1. Read this entire document before filling out anything.
On the bottom of the page, it says: Turn to Page 1
Page 1 asks for your name, address, etc and then starts asking you questions from the class. This continues on Page 2, 3 and 4. After all but 2 of my classmates have filled out these first 4 pages, we turn to PAGE 5: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYWHERE ON THIS DOCUMENT!

About 90% of us “Smart College Students” weren’t so smart! We couldn’t even follow the first instruction!


December, 2013, I attended a Goal Setting Webinar. I was always horrible at setting goals. Well, I sat down and I followed instructions and set my goals for 2014!

Am I on track with my 2014 Goals? Heck no!

But, I made the first step by setting my goals. Next year, I will set my goals again for 2015 because I have something to go off of. I can analyze what steps I need to take to recover the goals I did not make and redefine what I need to do in my online business(s).

Good luck with your online business pursuits and your BUSINESS BY THE NUMBERS.



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