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The 8-Point Test on Compumatrix

The 8 Point Test is basically a basic examination on how to differentiate a legitimate direct selling company from pyramiding.

When you become a member of Compumatrix, you should know by now that the main goal of Compumatrix is to sell it’s primary product: The Virtual Prepaid Cards. Your potential earnings are dependent on the marketing, effort and your ability to reach out to your customers or clients who wishes to become part of this Independent Business Enterprise. Compumatrix promotes Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. Being entrepreneurial means being able to identify, start and maintain a viable and profitable business, particularly a small enterprise.

People spend most of their lives working for someone else. Some people eventually rise to positions of wealth and power, while the rest languish in unchallenging and low-paying jobs. On the other hand, there are a select few who strike it out on their own rather than work for others. They put up their ownn enterprise.

You may ask: “Why should I risk my resources in an unpredictable business when I could hold a stable job with permanent tenure and an assurance of a regular monthly income without any risk?” In other words, why be an entrepreneur rather than an employee?

Having your own business has tremendous rewards, but be sure to weigh prospective returns against potential risks and losses.

So let’s get back to our topic about the 8-Point Test on Compumatrix:

1. Is there a product?

Yes. Although the product is virtual in nature. It is a legitimate product. Compumatrix entrepreneurs, dealers or retailers sells virtual prepaid cards which can either be used to purchase products or services offered in our marketplace. The cards can also be used for purchasing digital marketing or online advertising service on site and the cards are also used to build your online store for selling virtual prepaid cards at retail price.

2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?

Yes. Compumatrix does not charge any registration or entry fee. You can start by purchasing a card to avail of credits to build your retail business or work by submitting content where you earn activity points which can be converted into credits needed to the same.

3. Is the intent to sell a product not a position?

Yes. Compumatrix focuses on the sale of products.

4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you invite friends or not. You are here to focus on your online business: To sell VPCs. You are on your own but at the same time guided by our team to be able to succeed in your Compumatrix business. Inviting members or independent business owners is not a requirement.

5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?

Yes. As mentioned above, you can earn from Compumatrix by either developing or contributing content or focusing on the sale of your products. Since the products are consumable, customers will always be around to purchase it.

6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?

Yes. You may return any product which you have not used within a reasonable time for a refund.

7. Do products have fair market value?

Yes. Compumatrix products are sold at fair market value. One of the lowest there is to obtain digital marketing services. One of the lowest to start a business. One of the best programs to start a business by saving up by earning through our point system.

8. Is there a compelling reason to buy?

Yes. Buying Compumatrix products can lead you to a lot of things. You may either build your own retail business. You earn by advertising your products. You earn by generating content. You earn by promoting or selling online advertising spots. All of which are high-demand and high-growth industries.

The Direct Selling Industry created these questions above in order to determine whether a company like Compumatrix is a legitimate company. And surely, it passes all these questions with flying colors.


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