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When We Returned the Park Was Gone


It was a long, long time that we were gone. When you are a kid, you expect everything to be the same as when you left it. Sometimes, if memory serves us right, everything is in the same place and nothing has changed. This is what I call a Fairy Tale!

I remembered the store and all of its glory. It was a beautiful place and I wasn’t even old enough to appreciate shopping. I just enjoyed looking at the great stuff in the display cases. The real treat was when we took the elevators and got off at the floor that had the toys. (I think I even remembered visiting Santa there one Christmas!)

After shopping, we would go out the “other” doors, you know, the ones that were not on Herald Square. We would walk down a few stairs and we were in another world. This was one of my favorite Parks. Right outside of Macy’s of New York.

Then, we went away again. This time, we were gone for a long, long time. When we returned, the Park was gone!


I was only 5 years old when I left. The images in my mind were so real that I knew nothing could shake them. After all, the last time we left, it was for 3 years and I remembered exactly where to find my Teddy Bear in my Grandmother’s Apartment! How I could have left that guy, I will never know but when I came back, I came in the door, turned right and looked to the top of the cabinet and there he was!

My Grandmother’s apartment never changed so can you imagine my dismay when I returned and found they lost the entire Park!

Well, they didn’t exactly lose it, they just sought of build an addition to Macy’s where the Park used to be. Looking back, I marvel at some of the buildings that were so massive and a true accomplishment then I think about that store with its addition. I never got over the fact that the floor levels from the old store weren’t at the exact same level as the floor levels of the addition. The addition doubled the store so it was no small feat to accomplish but they did not do there Due Diligence.


When someone makes plans, they have to go over those plans with every detail. This is due diligence!

In today’s world, there is little room for careless mistakes. Although that addition to that store was built somewhere around 50 years ago, something went wrong when the floors did not line up.

When planning any aspect of a business today, something like that could not happen. If it does, someone else will get the next contract while you are sorting out what happened.

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